Death Hammer

by Flayed Disciple



The debut album from the UK's Flayed Disciple, released on Grindscene Records.
Death Hammer features 10 tracks and over 50 mins of thrashing death metal.
Music video for the first single 'The Shrine Of Dahmer' was released in April 2012 by Metal Hammer Magazine -
The Westboro Massacre -

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Flayed Disciple are:
Tim Whyte - Vocals
Thurston Howe - Lead Guitar
Jon Whitfield - Rhythm Guitar
Paul Williams - Bass Guitar


released May 28, 2012

All music and lyrics written and performed by Flayed Disciple
Recorded at Foel Studio, Wales, February 2012
Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding
Album artwork by Phil Tolfree
Album booklet layout by Rob Hutchinson
Samples by Marcus Burns and Ivor Hawthorne (RIP)

All music © Flayed Disciple



all rights reserved


Flayed Disciple Taunton, UK
A brutal thrash band from the UK - Brand new EP available to pre-order on 12" vinyl now.

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Track Name: The Westboro Massacre

Evil and despised, callous charlatans.
Feeding off the pain of the grieving masses.
Puerile vicious lies, fascist shit.
A picket line won’t save you.

Now the panic breaks, giving chase and
bringing down,
Every one of the fucking villains.
Fleeing for their lives, running terrified.
Praying in the wake of impending carnage. GO!!!

Killing everyone in sight.
Bring forth decimation.
Weak minded pious fools, left bleeding in the
Westboro massacre!

Beaten to the ground. On clotted blood,
Shirley drowns.
Forced to eat the womb of her butchered daughter.
Raped until her eyes go dead.
Finished with a knife in to the head.

Leaning over her with evil in my eyes.
Masturbating while I mutilate her rectum.
Force a shotgun right between her thighs,
stupid bitch cries,
I pull the trigger. Vaginal chunks fly.

Killing everyone in sight.
Bring forth decimation.
Weak minded pious fools, left bleeding in the
Westboro massacre!

Molten plastic on a stick, thrusted in her cunt,
watching it drip.
The name of Phelps will be erased from the history books.
Slaughter! Massacre!

They pray for forgiveness. We show no remorse.

Fantasies of rabid kibbing frenzied stabbing.
Acting out eradication.

Mass graves now cover the land. Behold our killing fields of torture. Barbaric butchery. Victory as planned.

Leader of the flock is caught and bound.
Freddy meets his end. What goes around comes around.
After torture he is cut to shreds.
Thurston puts a pick axe through his head.

Evil and despised, callous charlatans.
Feeding off the pain of the grieving masses.
Fleeing for their lives, running terrified.
Praying in the wake of impending carnage.
Track Name: Interceptor

Crushed alive, ran down, villainous retribution.
A man destroyed, forced to take his vengeance.
A man insane in a world gone vile.
V8 punishment closing in on a wave of nitrous.

Chasing down and smashing through them
Bringing death to all that took his life from him.
Death and carnage, burning cowards, watch them squealing, smell their own flesh burn.

Awakened madness, Cold and baron, full of malice.
Charger screaming, shotgun blasting.

Slaughtered as they run and hide
Dead bodies burst from inside
Tyres peeling, massive bleeding,
Black smoke burns their eyes.

Nuclear fire. Seeping fall out burns.
Radiation, toxic clouds enshroud the earth.
Warfare, Destruction stamping out the scum.
Octane aggressor.
Fall to the might of the Interceptor.

Stare in the eyes of the Interceptor
Die at the wheels of the Interceptor
Fiends, death is coming.

Look around you this is the valley of death,
we go in, we kill, we kill!
Lord Humongous rules this wasteland.
We go in, destroy!

Surrender or be destroyed
Give up now get out while you can
Violent death awaits those that force my hand.

Nuclear fire. Seeping fall out burns.
Radiation, toxic clouds enshroud the earth.
Warfare, Destruction stamping out the scum.
Octane aggressor.
Fall to the might of the Interceptor.

Stare in the eyes of the Interceptor
Die at the wheels of the Interceptor

Cutting down his victims, chopping bodies, two men enter, one man leaves.
Sent into the desert, left there to die.
Bust a deal and face the wheel.

Stare in the eyes of the Interceptor.
Die at the wheels of the Interceptor

Pure unfettered hate will rid the wasteland of this curse.
Track Name: Feast In The Forest Of Impaled Bodies

Merchants impaled on blunt stakes in the ground.
Thirty thousand of them tortured and bound,
Still breathing.

Children staked alive to their mothers chests
Driven through the spine, agonizing death.

The forest of impaled bodies lies ahead
A feast held in darkness amidst gore and
deathly silence.
Those who fear me will uphold that silence,
Or be speared alive and bled until dry.

Witness the strength of my hatred
Destroying my enemies, purging, burning.
Slaying whole kingdoms as warning
To those who refuse - you fools die now.

Taken to the highest peaks of pain
Dropped into a valley of despair
Nails of death hammered down
Stench of the rotting dead
Flows through my kingdom’s gates.

My rule reaches far and wide
They will fear my hand, torture
Skinned and boiled alive.
Scalping, mutilation and disease
Feast in the forest of impaled bodies.

Verminous scum you will die at the hands of The Impaler
I’ll ravage your world,
until destruction covers the land.

Left to bleed at the stake.
Black blood pours from the weak.
Cut from the groin up to the breast.


Curled in a vice of torment,
gushing with intestinal blood.
Your entrails spread on the floor.
Sliced at the knees and crippled.

Taken to the highest peaks of pain
Dropped into a valley of despair
Massacre, nails of death hammered down.

Feast in the forest of impaled bodies.

Vile and deranged, thousands are slain.
Bodies, speared for me. Putrid gore.
Gruesome end. Feast on death
Track Name: Exodus

Atomic Death! All shall despair!
Burning hot ashes will part from the dead
Chaos unfolds. Scorched. Choking on fumes, suffocate.
Obliteration! All shall despair! End of days.

Vaporised flesh. Bones turned to glass. Silos unleashing a deadly wave.
Incoming firestorm rages and cities will fall.
Nuclear holocaust. Bodies turned to dust.
The sickly stench of burning skin.

Mushroom cloud, halo of doom. Nukes blast and set ablaze. Burst into flames. Bodies erupting with toxic intestines and repulsive
Inferno of flesh. Evacuate! Last chance of escape! Atomic exodus. Exodus.

Searing skin, sliding off bones, slowly sickening,
Vomiting blood as their organs explode and their bodies dissolve. Genitals rot. Cancer takes hold.

Acid rain fall out on blistering skin. Boils and festering plague will set in.
Lesions and tumourous growths now appear. Twisted and gruesome, insanity nears.

Murderous scavengers. Cannibal savages.
Feasting on corpses and raping the dead,
Living on death, dealing torture and dread.

Laughing and raping the dead!

Slapped to the floor, on her knees,
begging, no release, stripped.
Spattered with disease, choked on gore,
forced to fuck while bleeding.
Acid vomit spewed onto her face.
Mouth filled with piss and sick.

Tortured one and all, mass murder,
frenzied slaughter.
Babies beat to death while their parents
are devoured. Devoured.

The hunger takes them all.
The slow, the weak go first.
Butcher the corpse, up on the slab
Retching while eating the flesh of their dead

A winter of eternal end. Racing to Armageddon.
Track Name: The Shrine Of Dahmer

Morbid fascination with dissection,
staring at a mss of guts, fantasy becomes a need
for human flesh. Dreams of autopsy, surgery,
flowing blood. Bring death to life.

Victims drugged and battered, strangled dead.
Bodies dragged to the cutting table,
skins removed and gutted.

...with the headless torsos of the dead.
Ejaculating into entrails.
Aroused by the smell of death and festering
flesh and insides.
Eating chunks of the butchered victims hide.
Dignity is stripped as their body is,
lying in a broken mess, fucked and defiled!

Hot acid poured in their skulls.
Acid burns neural paths,
grey matter a dripping mass.

Genitals hacked off with a kitchen knife.
Limbs dissolve in the acid bath,
A bubbling vat of carnage.

...carving off the muscle from the bones.
Fucks the pile of steaming organs.
He keeps their severed heads as souvenirs of his rampage.

Box of dicks he keeps beside his bed!
Voices screaming, justifying... Build me a shrine!

Zombie slaves, brain dead serfs to the will of
the cannibal killer.
Open up his head, gore is sickening, feasting on his brain while he masturbates upon his corpse.

Necrophagia, gorging on dead flesh.
Digesting the corpses of the slain. Go!

Handheld drill lobotomy!
We Love Jeff!

Necrophagia, gorging on dead flesh.
Track Name: Bleaching In The Sun

Blunt force trauma to the back of the skull.
Victim slumped on his side, left bleeding.
Massive wounds to the face and neck.
Shattered teeth and bone fragments scattered.

Heart slows down, slowly coming to a halt.
Blood pools in the body cavity, discoloured with lividity.
Muscle tissues harden, rigor mortis sets them rigid.
Body cold as it starts to decay. Blood congealing in the corpse.
Turning black. Seeping plasma from its wounds.

Cellular integrity breaking down. Enzymes eating at the tissues, liquefying.
Blistering autolysis. Lactic acid builds from anaerobic organisms.

Starting putrefaction. Stench of overwhelming horror.

Abdomen distends. Rupturing the skin.
Fluids leaking out from every orifice.
Insects eating their way in.
As the maggots feast inside the bloated body,
skin succumbs to slippage.
Putrid effluence of liquefied intestines bursting out from splitting skin, to the floor.

As the feeding frenzy quickens, pools of viscous liquid gather from decomposition.
The maggots have their feed, now they leave to pupate, the cadaver drained and hollow.

Resting place determined. A feeding ground for vermin.

Decomposing flesh. Chaos as the insects hatch and devour
the body. Blowfly larvae squirm in the corpse and devour rotting organs while excreting toxic fumes.
Scratch for a place in the body harvest.
Reduced to nothing with voracious feeding.
A writhing mass of oozing gore. Flies...
Breeding in the mess. Hatching in their thousands now as they swarm the body.
Chewing through the fat, flesh and blood. The carnage only ends when the corpse is a hollow shell.
Eyes cold and dead, nothing but a feeding ground for its carrion clientele.
Reduced to nought but a blackened mess, the remaining mass will be broken down to decay.

Now the skeleton remains, bones left bleaching in the sun. Ripped apart by rats and scattered.
No sign of life remains in the place where one was slain.
Bleaching in the sun.
Track Name: Torsofucked

Open wound, suffer
Your body severed in two,
I laugh at you while
I piss in your face,
You watch in horror
As you witness
Your torso separates,
Now I fornicate,

Torso fucked your upper body beaten,
The lower for my cock to fuck.
Now I get sexually aroused as I
See you ejaculate - blood from your
virgin cunt.
Torso Fucked.

Smashed up brain, catches my eyes,
It makes me fuck so hard,
I grind her innards out.
Fucking whore - I’ll rape you dry,
Fucking sew that cunt back together.
Suffer blood loss ,
Cut out your vagina,
Hang it on a wall.
I laugh in hysteria,
Virgins are best of all.
That look of fear in their eye
When they know they will die,
And they will be raped.

A whore, I cut a hole to fuck, WHORE.
Pulverised. Rotten, decayed.

I fucked your lower torso
Till it became just a bloody pulp,
Skinned off half your face,
Your upper torso, I’ll cum into,
A gruesome fate waits for you,

Your vaginal entrails on the floor
Left for the maggots and the rats,
I laugh in absolution.
Pity not wasted on these whores.
Track Name: Ejaculate While Killing

A creeping evil will, my lust for blood unfilled.
Sanctuary lies in evisceration, mutilation.
Emptiness unfolds, sanity dissolves.
Lost in a rage that cannot be stopped,
I’ll rape them into death - Domination.
Their fear just drives my urge to fuck.
Naked and cold, defiled, alone
I need death to feed my demon,
Hammer to the head. Ejaculate while killing.

Covered in her guts, I ejaculate while killing.
Stabbing at her cunt, I ejaculate while killing.
Slashed into a mess, opened up to bleed.
Hammer to the head, ejaculate while killing.
Hacking up the corpse. Gutted.

My mind begins to fill, an image of the kill.
Lucid dreams, death and degradation,
rape, castration.
Body count untold, grotesque to behold.
Lured to my grasp, I cannot stopped.
The killing spr endures, reckless hate,
Spreading the corpses far and wide.
Hacking with ease, skin the bodies,
I need death to feed my demon.
Hammer to the head. Ejaculate while killing

Covered in her guts, I ejaculate while killing.
Stabbing at her cunt, I ejaculate while killing.
Slashed into a mess, opened up to bleed.
Hammer to the head.

Rotten bodies lie in shallow ground,
My secret decayed, I’ll never be found,
Elusive to the end.

Mental unrest, I tear off her breast.
A nightmare of gore before my eyes.
But still it takes hold, blood running cold.
Torture my victims near to death.
Hearing my name, ice cold resolve.
The Ripper of Rostov kills again!

Hacking - Acts of putrid violence.
Slashing - Dismemberment and carnage.

Stabbed in the chest, the fucking whore is dead.
Like a pig, stuck and bled.
Raping carries on, even after death you’re used as a fuck toy,
Hammer death - Ejaculate while killing
Track Name: Pig

Do you feel to blame? You people have done everything to me.
It gives me equal right, I wll do whatever,
whenever I like.
Maybe I didn’t do enough, that’s why I should feel ashamed
I should’ve killed 400 more, maybe then you could
ask who’s to blame.

Psychosis, minds melting in a pool of speed and LSD.
Drawn together, roaming as the Manson Family.
War is coming, and the spark shall come from us,
Racial hatred, feeding the impending holocaust.
Die! Pigs!

Drug fuelled sex, erupting into rage and brutal violence
Slaughter the pigs and it will all begin
Long dive into depravity. Full force insanity.

Taken hostage, bound at the feet and screaming terrified.
Unborn child is killed in a frenzied knife attack.
Strangled half to death and stabbed many times as they try to hide
Tortured then plunged into darkness, bleeding left there to die.
Die! Pigs!

Back at the ranch now, the blood drunk return. Manson applauding, “There’s crack
here to burn”.
Long dive into depravity. Full force insanity.

Hearts racing from the bloodshed. Pounding from the kll,
Caught in a web of conspiracy, unfolding right before their eyes.
If you’re gonna do something, make sure it looks ‘Witchy’
Mad demands from the main madman. The flock will graze on fields of blood.

Have you s n the fuckers? Crawling in the dirt,
Soon for all the Piggies, life is getting worse
In my eyes, they’re just t willing, what they need’s a damn good killing.

Haven’t done enough, more to catch their eyes,
We need carnage of a kind that will paralyse.

With the bayonet pushing down, driven through his throat
Carving war in his chest, cutting ribbons in his flesh
Now the whore has her turn, make her wish that she was dead.
Severed spine and lacerations running down her legs.
Leave the blade stuck in, lets get high,
Healter Skelter, Rise, bleed them dry.

Crazed on drugs and blood, still racing from the thrill of the kill.
Drenched in gore, but still thirsting, do I dare to give them more?
Go my friends. Kill for me!
St p climb to reality, Lost for eternity.