Sick Abomination

from by Flayed Disciple

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The first track taken from the new vinyl release.
Lyrics based on the novel 'The Metamorphosis' by Franz Kafka.


Unforeseen and unexpected
Normal life, now will fall in to chaos.
A test of mans failure to accept.
The last sleep he'll see as a man.
Quickening the change.

Feeling pressure on his chest.
Piercing agony.
Intense terror as he screams
Blinded by the pain.

Boils form and postulate
Looking down at his blistered pus filled skin.
Extremities rot and plasticise
The nails weep and separate
Bleeding from the cuticles
Fingers going black within
Change begins, alone and scared.

Flesh starts to burn and distend.
Breaking apart to reveal hardened black carapace.


Vision blurs and eyes turn black.
Mandibles start to form and explode from the flesh.
Horrific. Watching his bones start to bend.

As his body undergoes a grueling metamorphosis.
Ribs twist and crack, forcing apart.
Armoured legs rip through his sides.
More insect than man, but his consciousness survives.

Overwhelming sickness as his organs shift and slide
Vomiting profusely from his mangled up insides.
Skin is shed for rock hard shell
A freakish vision born from hell.

Living nightmare.

Now a sick abomination, unable to speak.
Still alive, but trapped inside, mind intact but weak.
Will his torment have an end, or is this a punishment, curse, or some revenge?

How to face my family? How to face their fear?
Should I leave and not return? Or face their judgement here?

Becoming an outcast, despised and forced to hide.
The time for hope has passed, prayers for compassion denied.


from Flayed Disciple Vinyl, released May 24, 2014
Produced by Chuck Creese, March 2014.



all rights reserved


Flayed Disciple Taunton, UK
A brutal thrash band from the UK - Brand new EP available to pre-order on 12" vinyl now.

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